How to Write a Business Article


A business is an entity that seeks to profit from the sale of goods or services. It may be a sole proprietorship, corporation or cooperative. The term business may also be applied to an activity that is not commercial, such as farming or artisanal pursuits.

A good business article should be based on facts and have a logical approach. It should be free from opinions and bias. Using credible sources, such as scholarly journals and websites, is essential. It is also important to avoid using jargon and filler words. Moreover, the author should focus on making the article clear and concise. It is also important to use an appropriate tone in a business article, as this helps the reader understand what they are reading.

An effective business article should begin with an elevator pitch that briefly summarizes the company. This will catch the attention of potential investors or lenders and will encourage them to read the rest of the article. It should also include core values and a short history of the company.

Another type of business is merchandising, which involves the buying and selling of goods. This type of business typically involves middlemen who purchase goods from producers and then sell them to end consumers at a higher retail price. This is a common practice in supermarkets, department stores and duty-free shops.

The third type of business is service businesses, which offer intangible goods such as assistance or labour. This type of business includes law firms, consultancy agencies and courier and transportation companies. It is important to note that services are not physical, and therefore they cannot be stored or transferred like products can.

It is essential to have a strong business concept in order to successfully run a business. This concept is the foundation of a business and determines its vision, mission, value proposition and strategic direction. It is also important to have a well-developed business model and plan in place, which will help the business achieve its goals.

A good business article should also contain a detailed description of the company. This will provide a clear picture of what the company does and why it is unique in the market. A business description will also include a summary of key financial metrics, such as the company’s revenue, growth rate and profitability. It will also detail the industry in which the company competes and highlight its key strengths and opportunities. This information will be helpful to potential investors and lenders, who want to know whether the business is a good investment.